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Yates Unicorn 
Ranch Ministries

What is a Unicorn Ranch?

     The Unicorn Ranch began when Cory was a Sergeant in the Army.  Soldiers would come up to him with excuses about how their kid was sick, their dog died, or their car would not start.  His reply would be, "I get it, you had to go walk your UNICORN."  The next time they came to me with another excuse he would tell them to bring me their UNICORN so he can put it on my ranch and take care of it for them. Therefore, let us take that UNICORN or excuse and provide a solution to pursue your obligations.


     When Cory got out of the Army, he knew that he was being called into ministry. Whenever he put a team together for local or global missions, he was still met with the same excuses. The most common one we hear is, "I'd love to go, but just don't have the funds."

     God has led Cory to start a bladesmithing ministry in order to provide funding for missions trips and projects, pay for kids and youth camps, as well as serve those we are called to both locally and globally. We believe that if someone is being called to do mission work, money should be the last thing that keeps them from ministering or serving.

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